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Are you ready to contribute to a smarter, safer world?

Fresh ideas are the driving force behind Axis’ success, and many of them come from our newest recruits – recent graduates and post-graduates. You don’t need specific experience to join us, just a collaborative, can-do attitude and plenty of imagination. Many of our most-valued colleagues joined us straight from university, so we’re always keen to meet forward-thinking, curious team players who want to make an impact on the world. Does that sound like you?

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Explore all our student opportunities

Axis offers internships and trainee programs in many countries. Our local teams will welcome you and offer a great opportunity to collaborate, achieve and grow both as a person and as a professional.

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Learn more about our student opportunities in Sweden

Our Swedish headquarters in Lund and R&D office in Linköping offer several opportunities for students, including thesis projects, graduate programs and summer jobs.